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JLAN Solutions is built on a foundation of integrity that imparts our history of excellent service delivery to our government and commercial customers. We are proud of the high quality of service we provide and of our reputation for honesty, reliability, responsiveness and superior performance. JLAN is committed to deliver on-time and within budget on each engagement.


Meet Our Founder

Ronnette Meyers, President and CEO, has leveraged her extensive experience as a former federal employee and as a senior executive with a multi-million dollar, award-winning government contractor to create JLAN Solutions, a premiere provider of superior IT and management consulting services. Ronnette’s reputation in the government contracting sector is unparalleled, and she is a sought-after partner for engagements of all types. Ronnette is laser-focused on providing superior service and peace of mind to government customers at all levels.

Ronnette is a 2017 Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Scholar, a graduate of the Small Business Administration Emerging Leaders Program, and a graduate of the Inner City Capital Connections program.


JLAN Solutions is proud to be an award-winning member of the DC Chamber of Commerce



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